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ZTE is behind the US ban on sales. Environmentalists should also understand

Article Source: Network人气:82Issuing time:2018-04-20
In 2016, ZTE was banned by the United States and reached a settlement after long negotiations. On April 16, 2018, the U.S. Department of Commerce was also a paper document, which was aimed at ZTE again, forbidding U.S. businesses from trading with the latter for a period of seven years.
It is reported that several major business segments of ZTE include base stations, optical communication modules, smart phones, and core network products. Many of its components and core components depend on US imports.
Some analysts have already made a study at the first time. It is believed that ZTE's tactics may be multi-line flaws, and localization alternatives cannot be urgently resolved in the short term.
For a long time, all fields in our country have introduced more or less advanced international technology, and it is undeniable that some people are subject to human control. This is why, as soon as the ZTE Incident was announced, the topic of “China Core” was detonated throughout the country and it became increasingly fierce.
China's environmental protection undertakings started late and the technical level still lags behind that of developed countries. This is an indisputable fact. With the incident of ZTE, environmental protection companies should also profoundly reflect on how to firmly hold their core advantages in their own hands, and how to integrate innovative souls in the process of brand creation and how to follow the pace of “going out” after “bringing in”. Stand proudly on the international stage.
Environmentalists should all pay close attention to the central government’s environmental supervision and inspection. In recent years, the concept of “high-speed development” and “high-quality” development has repeatedly been emphasized by the central and local governments. For the construction of ecological civilization, in the face of the ongoing battle of defending the blue skies, fighting against tough water, combating agricultural and rural pollution, etc., the attitude of realism is self-evident.
Frequent policies have triggered a new round of capital boom and contributed to the environmental protection industry becoming the pillar industry of the next national economy. The bustling market, pushed to the top of the industry, standing in the trillions of industries in the circle of output value, will inevitably go through the process of “flooding, good and bad – good selection, poor driving – virtuous circle”.
Just for environmental protection, this process is being rapidly compressed and the period of intense competition is coming. In recent years, environmental violations of administrative penalties and criminal penalties have increased dramatically, which has pushed the pace of industrial green transformation to speed up. With the central environmental protection supervision as an opportunity, the prelude to "Celebrating the New Year" has begun.
The Ministry of Ecology and Environment has established and integrated environmental management functions of various departments; the environmental protection tax was formally levied, and the era of sewage charges became a thing of the past; the carbon trading market ushered in an upgraded version, and the national unity system was in its infancy; The development of energy vehicles has opened up access; the enforcement of the foreign garbage ban has rejected the “pollution of pollution” outside the country; the new round of environmental supervision by the Central Government will start to look back at the ups and downs of the system...
All these are reminding environmental companies that the era is coming, but there must also be "non-death and injury" awareness. Why does it not stand? What depends on prosperity? The ZTE event has also sounded a warning bell for the environment at this node. It will not shake the core advantages of the technology and must not remain in the status quo. It must also be prepared for a long-term vision.
It is not enough to go to the top of the mountains to avoid the summit. Environmental protection is just a necessity. Technology is an iron rice bowl. Enterprises need to strengthen their confidence and overcome difficulties. CGN Tech has pioneered the world's leading electron beam processing industrial wastewater technology; China National Nuclear Corporation officially released the independently developed “Yanlong” swimming pool type low temperature heating reactor... Chinese companies are not without technical R&D capabilities.
CCTV commented that the core technology is the country’s most important tool, and it is necessary to accelerate the development of self-controlled and alternative domestic plans to lay a solid foundation for building a strong network of countries. In the environmental protection industry, the localization of environmental protection equipment is not impossible. The most telling problem is the groundbreaking victory in flammable ice mining.
The leap from “walking” to “leadership” has fully validated China’s independent R&D capabilities. Both core technologies and core equipment for flammable ice mining are firmly in their hands, and domestic environmental protection companies benefit even more. In addition, shale gas mining “Feiling Speed”, which shocks the world, and the Hualong No. 1 equipment exported to the world, are gaining more recognition.
It is often said that Chinese people often keep "peace" in their hearts before they make their own gunpowder the first step in the Western countries' strong military fuse. However, the continuation of wisdom and spirit is a valuable gift from the past five thousand years, as the flame of innovation will eventually burn Kyushu. Collecting the power of the whole country and keeping "environmental protection" in mind, this time China's environmental protection will surely not fall short of people.
Waiting for flowers, stationed in Fanghua.

(Source: China Environmental Protection Online)