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Dresser dust bag production requirements

Article Source: Network人气:83Issuing time:2018-04-20
Dresser dust bag production requirements:
      For the dust collector of the entire concentrator, the dust collector bag is the core component. The quality of the filter material directly affects the dust collection efficiency of the dust collector. The life of the filter bag directly affects the operating cost of the dust collector.
Therefore, in this project, we use filter materials based on the operating environment of the dust collector and the media to select materials that are superior in strength, heat resistance, chemical resistance, thermal expansion, and anti-condensation properties. The filter bag should have anti-condensation, high-strength polyester needle felt, temperature resistance 220 °C.
The filter material is a surface filtration type filter material, which completely cleans the dust and reduces the possibility of dust forming on the surface of the filter bag. The long service life of the filter material and our improvement in the structure of the dust filter ensure that the filter bag is larger than 1 year of normal service life. The breakage rate of the bag during the service life is less than 1%.
The four elements that ensure the filter bag life pulse:
1, choose the right filter
2, design a reasonable structure
3, superb sewing technology
4, the correct use of methods
Concentrator dust collector bag production:
      Dust collecting bag code should be even, the bag longitudinal pin code shall not be less than 15 needles / 10cm, the transverse pin code is not less than 12 pin / 10cm; sewing cloth bag shall not have loopholes, damage defects; diameter greater than 200mm, length greater than 5000mm bag Tensile test should be done, and its elongation should meet the requirements. The sewing pitch and sewing width should meet the GB12625-90 standard and satisfy:
Technical requirements of filter bags
Sewing of the filter bag: The longitudinal seam of the filter bag is firm, straight and not less than three.
Filter bag suture material: Filter bag suture material and filter material the same.
The stitch length of the filter bag stitches: The number of stitches of the filter bag within 10cm is not less than 40±5 stitches.
The sewing width of the filter bag is 10~20mm, and the low-profile filter material has a lower limit, and the thick filter material has an upper limit when stitching.
The limit deviation of the filter bag length dimension is +10mm, and the limit deviation of the inner diameter dimension is +1.5mm.
The filter bag elastic ring should be smooth and free of burrs, and make the filter bag and the flower plate hole tightly.
Inspection of dust collector bags in mineral processing plant
Inspection sampling: Sampling inspection must be carried out for each batch of filter media and filter bags. The batch size of the filter should not be less than 5% per batch, and the number of batches of the filter bag should not be less than 15%.
The upper end of the filter bag adopts the form of spring rise ring, which has good sealing performance, high installation reliability and quick bag changing. Only 1-2 people will be able to carry out the bag change operation via the lift top cover. The loading and unloading of the filter bag is performed in the clean room without the need to enter the filter room of the precipitator.