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Helping to reverse the negative trend through the help of superposition

Article Source: Network人气:77Issuing time:2018-04-20
In 2018, China's pollution control campaign has entered the development stage of “heavy effects”. The process of effect has been accelerating. With the continuous promotion of additional policies, the development of social capital has made the development of the environmental protection industry more attractive. However, looking back at the market conditions in the first quarter did not seem to have achieved the desired results.
The China Environmental Protection Online Research Team analyzed that in the first quarter of 2018, the overall performance of the environmental protection sector was not satisfactory. The monthly data showed that the environmental protection engineering and service index, water service index, and environmental protection equipment index fell by 15.34%, 3.24%, and 15.39%, respectively. Only the Water Index slightly outperformed the Shanghai-Shenzhen 300, and the other two all underperformed the Shanghai-Shenzhen 300 by more than 10%.
We have studied and judged that the first quarter of the environmental sector's lack of expectations, the general performance of the stock price, and the reduction of the value center were largely due to the deterioration of the market competition environment. The negative sentiment accumulated in the previous market, after a concentrated outbreak, emerged through industrial valuation and stock prices.
The pessimistic mood was released in the first quarter and entered the second quarter. The environmental protection section is expected to play a beautiful turnaround. Making the above judgment is mainly based on the triple reason:
First, the adverse factors affecting the valuation performance of the industry have been fully diluted in 2017 and the first quarter, and the overall environment is improving. Second, the policy level began to limit the participation of central SOEs in PPP projects. The leverage reduction effect was obvious. The SOE environmental protection business of the SOEs was shrinking. The leading SOEs’ ability to recover the single-choice business and profits will rise. Third, the reform of the State Council's institutions and the establishment of a strong Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the environmental protection indicators in the evaluation of the performance of the local government increased the proportion, so the environmental protection investment in the front, accelerate the release of industry orders.
With the strong promotion of policies from top to bottom, the fundamentals of the environmental protection industry also ushered in gratifying improvements: (1) The valuation of the environmental protection sector is at the lowest level in history, and there is basically no downside; (2) Performance of listed companies in the segmentation sector The growth rate is bright and the overall growth rate of the sector is at a relatively high level; (3) The proportion of public fund holdings in the environmental protection sector is currently at a low level.
In terms of subdivisions, China Environmental Protection Online believes that the rising channels of atmospheric governance, hazardous waste treatment, and treatment of black and odorous water bodies have opened their doors and are expected to become a paradise for capital. Specifically:
Atmospheric governance. In the first phase of the “Ten Atmosphere” that ended in 2017, a breakthrough was achieved. The information released by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment is very clear. In order to win the battle to defend against the blue sky, it is intensively formulating a “three-year action plan.” Both the government work report and the economic work conference in 2018 have taken air pollution prevention and control as the top priority.
Waste treatment. The effective implementation of the “foreign garbage” ban has formed favorable incentives for the hazardous waste disposal areas in China. After the supervision of hazardous waste in China, the lack of processing capacity and level, coupled with the "two high" new judicial interpretation, and the upgrading of supervision and law enforcement, will greatly benefit the release of the hazardous waste treatment market, and the scale of 2020 will be over 165 billion yuan.
Black stinky body of water. The newly revised “Water Pollution Prevention Law” in 2017 included the river length system for the first time, and clearly defined the responsibilities of governments at all levels for water environment governance. According to the national plan, the lake system will be fully established by the end of 2018. The establishment of an effective water pollution prevention and control mechanism will promote the governance of black and odorous water bodies, and the market size is expected to exceed 250 billion yuan.
Comprehensive multi-analysis, we believe that the status of ecological civilization construction will continue to increase, the scale of investment in environmental pollution prevention and control will also show an increasing trend; the Central Environmental Protection Supervision normalization, a comprehensive release of the sewage permit system, environmental protection tax collection, PPP model Increasing standardization will further drive the breadth and popularity of the environmental protection industry.
Under the background of multiple factors such as policy, finance and technology, the leaders of each segment have more competitive advantages in the future. The “Matthew effect” of the strong strong and strong is highlighted, and it is recommended to pay attention to the allocation of low valuation and stable performance. Net Environmental Protection, Dongjiang Environmental Protection, Concentration Technology, Longma Sanitation, Boschke, Kaide Sande, Clear Water Resources, etc.
(Source: China Environmental Protection Online)