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The "Thirteenth Five-Year" Market Scale Breaks 100 Billion

Article Source: Network人气:79Issuing time:2018-04-20
Recently, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the "Key Points of Ecological Environmental Monitoring Work in 2018" and defined the key tasks and work requirements for ecological environment monitoring in 2018. Such a huge policy favor is expected to form a favorable medium-term and long-term trend for China's environmental monitoring industry. China Environmental Protection Online predicts that in the next 5 to 10 years, the environmental monitoring market will usher in a golden period with a compound annual growth rate of not less than 20%.
In 2017, China's environmental monitoring has achieved rapid development, mainly based on two aspects. First, the environmental protection agencies under the provincial government have initiated trial reforms, implemented pilot projects for cross-regional environmental protection agencies, and implemented the river length/lake length system. Secondly, the management mechanisms such as the permit system for pollutant discharge, central environmental supervision, and environmental protection tax have been increasingly perfected.
The intersection of these two factors has become an excellent engine for the rapid development of the environmental monitoring industry in 2017, and will lay a solid foundation for the rapid release of the billions of markets in the future.
Among the many drivers, we believe that the short-term effect of environmental taxes is the highest. The Environmental Protection Tax Act introduced on January 1, 2018 has already reached its first tax period on April 1. No matter the enterprise or the regulatory department, the accuracy and authority of the pollution data will be upgraded to a high degree, which will greatly stimulate the demand for environmental monitoring equipment and the operation and maintenance market.
China Environmental Protection Online review of environmental protection tax law found that environmental protection tax law covers a wide range of environmental monitoring parameters, air automatic monitoring, routine monitoring of water quality, conventional monitoring parameters, heavy metals, VOCs, toxic and harmful gases, etc. more than 100 characteristics of pollutant monitoring parameters, everything This is a good thing for the environmental monitoring industry.
In addition, after the baptism of the first batch of central environmental protection inspectors, the latest news shows that in 2018 the Ministry of Ecology and Environment will carry out a “review” of the first batch of inspections, and the second group of central environmental protection inspectors will also be in the storage capacity. The determination and demand for environmental pollution control in various regions has increased significantly. The transformation and upgrading of enterprises and the introduction of environmental monitoring and control equipment will also stimulate the environmental monitoring industry to increase in the short term.
After a period of brewing and outbreak, the environmental monitoring market has moved from the novice to the mature stage, but there are still some problems, such as the existence of vicious price competition in the market, low level of domestically-made monitoring equipment, insufficient coverage of environmental monitoring points, and insufficient monitoring data. .
However, the aforementioned short board does not affect the development and expansion of China's environmental monitoring industry, nor does it prevent China's environmental monitoring equipment from leapfrogging into high-quality, multi-functionality, integration, automation, systematization, and intelligence. Capital and business enthusiasm.
According to China Environmental Protection Online, as of now, listed companies in China's environmental monitoring fields, such as Tianrui Instruments, Concentration Technology, Xuedilong, Xianhe Environmental Protection and Central Equipment, mainly occupy the mid-end market, and the upstream industry is basically powered by technology and capital. Occupy by enterprises, third-party environmental service companies are mainly concentrated downstream.
However, judging from the market feedback for the first quarter of 2017 in the first quarter of 2017, China’s leading environmental monitoring companies are continuing to extend upstream and downstream of the entire industry chain and are committed to building an ecosystem that covers software, hardware, integration, and operation and maintenance. Environmental monitoring integrated service providers, in order to seize the market heights.
Based on market analysis, China Environmental Protection Online believes that during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, the market space for environmental monitoring equipment in China will exceed 100 billion yuan, an increase of about 24.5%. And with the improvement of technology, China's environmental monitoring industry will form a certain scale, opening the process of accelerated marketization.
(Source: China Environmental Protection Online)