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Policy intensively landing to release strong regulatory signals Solid waste management continues to heat up

Article Source: Network人气:83Issuing time:2018-04-20
As the world's largest industrial output and the largest population in the world, China produces tens of billions of tons of industrial solid waste and household waste each year. At the same time, China is not only faced with the problem of domestic waste disposal, but is also responsible for the treatment of waste from abroad while importing solid waste.
With the continuous advancement of urbanization, the continuous expansion of industrial scale, and the rapid development of the Internet economy, the phenomenon of “living rubbish around cities”, “express courier siege cities” and “take-away garbage siege city” has given us a wake-up call to our living environment. How to solve the solid waste treatment problem, build a green ecological barrier, and consolidate the ecological protection of red lines have become major issues in the process of promoting the construction of ecological civilization.
In recent years, with regard to the policy on solid waste treatment, it is not difficult to find that China’s attention to the solid waste treatment field continues to rise, and the legal and regulatory standards system for solid waste environmental management has basically been established. Overall, China's solid waste environmental management has achieved significant results.
In response to the courier package, the "Enhancing Green Packaging Work Implementation Plan for the Express Industry", the ban on "foreign waste" imported from solid waste, the slogan of "promoting the healthy development of online shopping and express delivery", and measures to promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial parks and the development of circular economy, and promote The integration of rural and urban sanitation and PPP projects, from the "encouragement" to the "compulsory" of the implementation of the classification system of domestic waste ... ... all shows that the solid waste disposal field has received more and more attention of the regulators. Our country is promoting the management of solid waste environment in all aspects, decompressing the ecological environment, and making unremitting efforts to build a beautiful China with blue sky, green earth and clear water.
Since March this year, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment has paid more attention to solid waste disposal. Li Ganjie, the minister of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, presided over four ministries executive meetings, of which three were related to solid waste management.
In less than a month, "About the full implementation of the "Prohibition of the Implementation of the Prohibition of Foreign Solid Waste Importing and Promoting Solid Waste Import Management System Reform Program" 2018-2020 Action Plan "Special Supervision Action Plan for Imported Solid Wastes Processing and Utilization Enterprises' Environmental Illegal Problems (2018 “The special action plan for emission control of waste incineration power generation industry” “Special Action Plan for Focusing on the Yangtze River Economic Belt to firmly curb the illegal transfer and dumping of solid wastes” was intensively launched.
Immediately afterwards, on April 16, the Executive Council of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment reviewed and passed the principle of pollutant emission limits and measurement methods for heavy-duty diesel vehicles (China's sixth phase), near-surface disposal of radioactive solid waste, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences accelerators. Drives the environmental impact report of a research plant (site selection stage). The frequent actions of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment released a clear signal of strengthened supervision of solid waste.
From the current status of the solid waste treatment market, the specialized and market-oriented modes of the main solid waste disposal and utilization are basically mature. However, relative to foreign countries, most domestic companies have relatively weak research and development capabilities, backward technology and equipment, and the development of the industry is still constrained.
The amount of solid waste generated in China each year is not only a huge number, but its composition is becoming increasingly complex. The disposal of municipal solid waste, industrial hazardous waste disposal, and kitchen waste disposal have released a huge market space. The marketization of sanitation Pressing the development shortcut key, the garbage classification and recycling resource recycling system accelerates the convergence of the two networks, and the management of hazardous waste gradually moves towards refinement and standardization.
With the continuous enhancement of the intelligentization, information, and real-time capabilities of environmental supervision, the recycling economy will accelerate its rise, and industrial solid waste and solid waste disposal will require innovative business models to create new profit growth points.
Xue Tao, Executive Director of the E20 Research Institute pointed out that compared to the atmosphere and water, solid waste management was relatively weak. According to the signal from the most recent executive meeting, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment is intensifying the environmental management and making efforts to achieve a full-coverage environment. management.
(Source: China Environmental Protection Online)